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Bring Workflow to Paper Documents

From checks to snail mail, manual processes surrounding paper documents are slowing down your business. We are bringing the power of digital workflow and automation to paper processes.


Generate Documents

Digitize offline paper forms with templates and forms to generate digital documents and store them securely in your “Base” online.

Print & Send Checks

Your online checkbook allows you to write checks with your logo or branding from your existing bank account. Print checks yourself or let us drop them in the mail for you.

Send Mail without Stamps

Mail documents, letters or checks without a printer or stamps. Simply uploaded the files you would like to mail with USPS or Fedex and we send them for you. Track everything online.


Send for Signature

Send files to customers, clients or contractors to sign digitality. Follow the process of your signature requests end-to-end. Automatically mail completed contracts via USPS mail.

Send & Receive Faxes

Even in 2021, the fax machine has still not died. Docbase is your cloud-based fax service to send & recieve unlimited faxes as if you had a fax machine in the office.


Connected Workflow

Build automated workflows for process across docbase’s modules. For example, send a letter when a contract is signed. Connect externally using email or our APIs.

Store Files Securely

All your documents, checks and mail are securely and safely stored within your “Base” for easy access. Uploaded scan or other documents as your one-stop place for all your business documents.

Manage Team Access

Invite your team and control levels of access to your “Base” with business-ready roles and permissions. Enable your team automate paper processes with ease.

Custom workflow solutions for any paper-based process facing your business

We have helped many businesses automate legacy paper-based processes with custom solutions from docbase. There is no problem too small or too complex. Reach our to one of our experts to see how we can build a custom solution tailored to your business needs.